Survey on Network simulator

The current network simulator is too detailed (packet level). from this talk, it seems that the accuracy is quite fragile, so maybe we should just use the machines, the switches to build a simple test-best. Is that enough for us when we want to build some geodistributed applications at the beginning stage?



  1. shuo said

    I agree that both simulators are not useful for geodistributed system test. They are detailed and inefficient. I think a directed weighted graph representing topology plus latency and bandwidth would be enough. And on top of that we can introduce some characteristics/failure models to test the system dynamics.

  2. shuo said

    On top of that, we simulate data flows and test how our CDN reacts. We could further refine our model using sampled data from real world like some existing P2P networks(BT, ED2K, Kad…). But that’s another story.

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