Data Center Networking

Currently, Data Center applications are more and more important to the company such as microsoft, google, amazon. In this senario, Should we still need the TCP/IP network stack? We know the TCP/IP is target for complexity environment, the routering, the failure handling. Those are unnecessary for the data center, maybe it is time for us to redesign the network stack in the data center.

Here are some of my initial ideas about this topic.

We partition the machines in data center into several groups. In each group, the machines are all connected. We don’t need maintain the connections, the resent machenis.



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  1. saven said

    Very interesting ideas. The system research is becoming simplified. Just like Google’s BigTable. The ideas in BigTable are simple. Simplicity is easy to scale to thousands of machines. Look at the storage model, look at the fault tolerance, every thing is so simple and straightforword. The most important point is that it works.

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