building a javascript library (jQuery)

jQuery is very popular library. Maybe someday i should look through it.

How to write a good library?

  • write a solid api ( made a grid, filled in the blanks)
  • Fear Adding Methods ( Methods can cause a support nightmare; avoid adding, if you can; defer to extensibility)
  • Embrace Removing code
  • Provide an Upgrade path
  • Reduce to a common root
  • Consistency
    •  naming scheme and stick with it
    • argument position (options, arg2, … , callback)
    •  Callback context.
  •  Namespacing (Questios to ask)
    • Can my code coexist with other random code on the site?
    • Can my code coexist with other copies of my own library?
    • Can my code be embedded inside another namespace?
  •  Perform Type Checking
    • Make your API more fault resistant
    • Correct values whenever possible
    • Error message
  • Errors
    • Never gobble errors
    • Ignore the templation to try { … } catch(e) {}
    • Improves debug-ability for everyone [weil: Mike burrows give the same suggestion, he said we should give a assert violation as earlier as we can.]
  • Extensibility
    • Your code should be easily extensible
    • Write less, defer to others
    • Makes for cleaner code
    • Foster community and growth
  • Documentation
    • structured (provide a clear format, users can build new views with it, An API for your API!)
    • Users want to help
      • Make barries to helping very low
      • Keep your docs in a wiki
      • Only do this if you’ve already written all of your doces
      • Use template to maintain structure.
    • Write the Docs Yourself
      • It isn’t glamorous, but it’s essential
      • You must buckle-down and do it yourself
      • Improves your longevity
  • Tesiting (1000% Essential)
    • Test-driven development
      • wirte test cases before your tackle the bugs
      • find devs who love to write test cases
      • check for failures before commit
  • Maintain Focus
    • very very important

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