Gear and mashup problem (speaker: yahoo)

The Yoda of lambda prgramming and google gear.

any damn fool could produce a better data format than XML (James Clark, 2007-04-06)


  • Java was a huge failure
  • Very popular, high acceptance
  • “Write once, run everywhere” promise not kept
  • Unworkable “blame the victim” security model.
  • Tedious UI model.
  • Seccessful as a server technology.


  • Applications without installation
  • Highly interactive
  • High social potential
  • Easy to use
  • Great network efficiency
  • but it is too damn hard to write applications

Mashups: The most interesting innovation in  software development in 20 years, but mashups are insecure, mashups must not have access to any confidential informations


Javascript dumps all programs into a common global space; There is nothing to protect the secrets of one component from another; Any infromation in any component is visible to all other components.

 Drivers of innovation

  1. Proposal
  2. Standard
  3. Browser Makers
  4. Application Developers

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